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Refund Policy

We appreciate that you carefully read terms of our refund policy before making a purchase.

  • User shall pay 24LS for services and contents as shown on its official website. The buyer is responsible for payment of all taxes (sales, use, property etc) & custom duties.
  • All purchases made from the website of 24LS are deemed final. If the user faces any doubt any transaction, he/she should contact 24LS before making a purchase.
  • If any error occurs during course of transaction with 24LS, then user should immediately contact the company to report the problem to a member of customer service team.
  • The type of information sold by 24LS & the digital format in which it is sold, is such that the company can't accept requests for any refunds once the products has been dispatched. We may offer refunds occasionally (under special conditions).
  • However, if the data is missing, incomplete or differs from what was originally agreed between 24LS and the customer, we will provide free customization of that report.
  • Comprehensive Research

    Offers Penetrative insights & holistic understanding of the market

  • Data Accuracy & Reliability

    Strictly follows the Research Methodology for flawless results

  • Competitive Pricing

    Ensure the best and affordable pricing

  • Security & Confidentiality

    All your transactions are secured end-to-end, ensuring a satisfactory purchase